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For our planet and our children, NTI has spent almost 10 years developing, testing and perfecting the technology of The Matrix to deliver a premium system that incorporates a Condensing Water Heater, Condensing Furnace, Condensing Boiler and Heat Recovery Ventilator, and which is already pre-wired for air conditioning. All of these functions are contained in one powerful system that requires less energy to operate than competing products.
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A world-class energy device that delivers reliable heating to keep your family comfortable, The Matrix also produces fewer tons of GHGs than any other integrated home heat product:

  • The Matrix requires less electrical energy to operate than any other equivalent system.
  • The Matrix uses a patented high-efficiency heat exchanger to reduce gas consumption by as much as 30% when compared to a conventional system.
  • The Matrix uses extremely powerful microprocessor electronics to analyze the home environment and produce only the energy needed to increase comfort.
  • The Matrix controls and optimizes heating, cooling and ventilation. This eliminates the need for separate appliances and their redundancies and additional energy usage.

The Matrix is a single appliance, which means it can be installed much more quickly than conventional heating systems that can be complicated to integrate. In fact, the initial purchase cost of The Matrix is typically offset by the reduction in installation time. And with The Matrix there is only one appliance, and not five, to service and warranty.

The Matrix is so efficient that massive GHG savings are realized when comparing it to competing condensing furnaces, and air source and geothermal heat pumps. A two-ton CO2 reduction realized by The Matrix is equal to the planting of more than 280, or two
acres, of trees.

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NTI has been working closely with the Canadian Department responsible for Energy Efficiency (NRCan) to develop a new CSA performance standard called the P.10-07 for Integrated Mechanical Systems (IMS). Through independent laboratory testing, NTI is currently the only company in the world to meet the P.10-07 performance standard. In addition, The Matrix so far exceeds this new standard that an elite classification of “Premium Performance” has been added. The Matrix has already exceeded this standard as well.